How It Started

When I was a classroom teacher, girls would share their struggles with me.  They felt alone and unsure. They grappled with low self-esteem, poor body image, inconsistent friendships, and changing family dynamics. The impact of their struggles shown in the classroom and I felt a drive to do more.  

At the same time, I was determining the topic for my master’s thesis. I decided to research girl dynamics, specifically Relational Aggression. My thesis included a curriculum designed to teach girls how to build emotional intelligence and handle social challenges.  Shortly after earning my Master's, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training.  

Why Yoga?

As I was flowing through yoga classes tied to themes including self-acceptance, contentment, and letting-go, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be life-changing for girls if they understood to these concepts in the preteen years?" I began to see how yoga could be a vehicle for teaching girls concepts related to self-esteem, friendships, and mental health, while also introducing them to a valuable and creative form of movement. 

Soon, I was developing and teaching yoga classes to girls and mother-daughter pairs. My classes have been shared in yoga studios, schools, and organizations including the National Charity League and Girl Scouts of America. 

A Perfect Pair

As my yoga classes took off, I heard about Teen Life Coaching.  It was described as a field devoted to self-discovery, action, and accountability. A profession that focuses on building personal strengths, setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately moving forward with confidence and intention. I thought this is it!

Now, I continue to teach Mother-Daughter Yoga classes and have a thriving life coaching practice focused on supporting teens, young adults, and parents.  

I can't wait to share the magic of Inspire Balance Yoga Mother-Daughter Yoga classes with you! 



Credentials & Qualifications

  • Over 20 years of coaching and teaching experience
  • Certified Family, Parent, and Teen Coach through The Academy for Family Coach Training 
  • Certified Teen Wisdom Inc. Life Coach 
  • Certificate in Foundations of Positive Psychology through University of Pennsylvania 
  • Master's in Education 
  • Bachelor's in Liberal Studies with minor in Child Development 
  • Credentialed Teacher and Administrator 
  • Registered Yoga Teacher with over 200 teaching hours
  • Featured author in San Diego Family Magazine, Good Life Family Magazine, and Kids Helping Kids Book Series
  • Author of Power Up Your Parenting: A Practical Guide for Parenting Preteen and Teen Girls (get your copy here)

Interested in learning more about parent or teen life coaching? 

My personalized coaching programs provide teens with guidance and insight, while developing essential life skills and supporting optimal mental health.

Through parent coaching, you get a fresh perspective, new approaches, and practical solutions to the unique challenges that arise when parenting teens.

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